The CRA Hub is now closed enrollment and will reopen March 24-31, 2021.

We open once a month, at month-end, to allow new members to get familiar with the CRA Hub portal, the content, and each other. 

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The CRA Hub is a new way to connect and forge community development impact through our CRA programs. The CRA Hub is an exclusive membership for bank professionals to find inspiration and master the art of the CRA. 

No matter where you are on your CRA journey, the CRA Hub has something for you. This membership is for you if:

  • you are new to CRA due to a promotion, new job or position or were never formally trained on CRA;
  • you understand key CRA program elements and have navigated through your first CRA exam cycle and want to deepen your understanding of CRA best practices;
  • you are making progress on the integrity of your bank’s CRA data collection, maintenance and/or reporting and want to ensure enhanced data integrity;
  • you want to learn from experts about refreshing your CRA programs, and discover innovative programs to consider in your assessment areas;
  • you are navigating CRA regulatory reform or you suspect reform is on the horizon;
  • you want to vet an idea and discuss your approach to CRA decisions with CRA colleagues who understand the unique challenges in your programs; or
  • you want to forge potential partnerships for impact in a broader regional area.

We want to bridge the gaps in our CRA ecosystem of practitioner-level concepts and learning opportunities between the large conferences and regional roundtables and evolve into the premier place for CRA practitioners. 

The CRA Hub embraces the concept that doing MORE isn’t always the answer — in fact, sometimes it’s about doing less. Good news, right? You’ll quickly learn what areas to focus on to create the biggest impact in your CRA program.   It’s like a session with your CRA mentor, trusted colleague or master trainer at a conference, but in the comfort of your own space or office!

Feedback from new CRA Hub members:

"You have great content, excellent experience and a fantastic approach to community. CRA Officers need to know about you!"
"I am so excited to be a part of this new launch! We have needed a training platform just like this for a very long time!"

The CRA Hub is YOUR place to vet an idea with or reconfirm your approach to CRA decisions. Membership content will evolve over time through feedback from you and your fellow bankers.

Each membership is intended to be an individual experience... created for one person, via one login.  Customized discounts are available for multiple people within the same institution.  Email me at [email protected] to inquire.